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iconmobilewebsitesReady to take the mystery out of mobile and expand your audience?
Fabulous. Consider these three essential mobile service experiences: 


Mobile web

How does your site look and act on a mobile device — iPhone, Android?
Is it just as effective as your website? It should be. It can be.

Mobile apps

Do you need additional functionality or entertaining brand building in a stand-alone app? Then a mobile app is perfect. From banking apps to health trackers, we’ll build and maintain the mobile app you need.

Web-based mobile apps (or web apps)

A web-based app helps improve the experience of something else — like a Facebook social media app, mobile shopping apps, or coupon apps. The good news is, we’ll make the experience so seamless, your audience won’t even know they’re using one.

NEW  Proximity Marketing
Your customers have already dedicated their attention to their phones

According to a recent report, In 2016 a retail marketing and strategy firm reported 82{07909ab755e4418f966e2e3d689215d5adc97297868777dc19d4fa2875fb823f} of consumers use their mobile devices while shopping in stores. Thus, while you are busy fighting the retail battle against Amazon or other e-commerce giants out there, you are actually losing the attention battle to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and even email. The best way ahead is to reach out to your customers on the channel that is most personal to them – their smartphones. And while this may make you think that you need to push more Facebook posts or send more emails, chances are that your message is highly likely to get lost in a sea of never ending noise. This is where proximity marketing comes into the picture – beacons allow you to deliver a relevant push notification to your customer’s mobile screen at the exact moment, that calls for their attention.



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